Past Organised Trail Rides and events

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Kin Kin ride Aug 4th 2012 What a glorious day, woke to a huge frost, and the day warmed to 24 degrees. Close to 100 riders enjoyes a 25klm loop from Kin Kin to Tablelands Lookout at Cooran. BBQ and incredible food courtesey of Jodie on Saturday night. Band and bonfire and lots of campers. Great fun was had by all! Frosty morning saddling up at Kin Kin
Niki Brand Sunrise Kin Kin Horse yards Kin Kin
horses Niki Brand riding Danny Kin Kin oval
Sharon and Val leaving Kin Kin trail riding queensland Kin Kin hotel
Janet and Gary Kin Kin ride Kin Kin annual ride
Sunshine Coast Agistment - Kin Kin Ride Trail riding Woondum National Park Noosa trails
Woondum National Park Sharon and Val Woondum National Park - Kin Kin ride
Woondum National Park Kin Kin ride Woondum National park Ken and John - Sunshine Coast Agistment
Sharon Janet and Gary in Woondum National Park on the Kin Kin ride Many riders on the Kin Kin ride 2012 Woondum National Park
Tablelands Lookout Cooran Table lnads lookout Cooran Sunshine Coast Horse agistment - Kin Kin Ride
Tablelands lookout Cooran Table lands Lookout trail riding Noosa trails
KIn Kin ride Kin Kin ride Bettina on Cha Cha
Over 100 riders on the Kin Kin ride 2012 Cheryl and Peg on the Kin Kin ride Kin Kin ride
Kin Kin ride Noosa trails Noosa Trails
Kin Kin ride 2012 Kin Kin ride Kin Kin ride
Family riding the Noosa trails Janet enjoying her ride Kin KIn ride's oldest rider Ken at 82 years.
Val and Sharon at work Sunshine Coast Agistment owner Sunshine Coast Agistment
Sunshine Coast Agistments camp a wine or three after Kin Kin ride Sunshine Coast Agistment Kin Kin Ride

Lake Mac Donald Competitive Trail Ride 13th of Aug 09

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

Comments were that the course was the perfect length,
20 klms. There were a couple of pretty difficult judge points (especially Carol's), a challenging course.

Thanks to Fran for the use of her property as the ride base.



CTR lake Mac Donald SCATER SCATER CTR team winners Niki Brand & Jean Pace

Kin Kin ride 2009. Saturday 8th of August.

Fabulous weather, huge turnout, I heard rumours of close to 150 riders. Leaving Kin Kin show grounds, and enjoying a
6 1/2 hour loop stopping a little over halfway on Eastern Branch road for a sausage sizzle lunch. Everyone made it up the steep hill without any problems this year. We are all professionals at it now I think. My horse was held up by an angry cow who looked like she had too many male hormones. There were a couple of novice riders who may have taken on a bit more than they had anticipated. I expect there were some very sore bums and sore backs on horses the next day.
All in all a fabulous weekend, with a great band, big bonfire, fantastic prizes in the draw, including a GPS, a horse rug and many more goodies. Thanks to the organisers!

The Kin Kin ride

SCATER 31st May 09 Competitive Trail ride Gympie

We left home at 5am and were unable to see the pink marker ribbons for the turn off to Booyar state forest in the dark so we ended up in Widgee. Lucky we left with half an hour up our sleeve, because we needed it. The ride was held in the beautiful Booyar state forest near Widgee. Before the ride the horses were vet checked for soundness. We rode 21 Klms stopping at obstacles (judge points) along the way. All riders who completed the ride received a medallion and a report of how they faired on the obstacles. The horses were again vet checked to ensure their fitness levels were sufficient not to be disqualified. A really fun day for the experinced rider. I look forward to the CTR to be held on home turf in Pomona later this year.

SCATER 21st Feb 09 CTR training day at Hunchy riding facility. 

The day cost $25 for non members, $10 for Scater members. Instructors taught how to take your horse pulse (heart rate) temperature, and breath rate. There were 8 obstacles set up through which we had to ride our horses in a calm and collected manor.Critism, advice and instruction were offered to improve your score in a CTR event. A very informative and enjoyable day.

Imbil SCATER Pre Season Camp 2009
Leaving from Imbil showgrounds, Saturday and Sunday mornings, though we arrived Friday.
Beautiful early morning rides through the pine forests, but mind the Bunya nuts falling on your head!

There is a nice cafe in town, and Markets on the Sunday morning too.

Membership is $80 and there are CTR's (competitive trail rides) every 6 weeks or so all over the Sunshine Coast. See website

Dayboro 2008 a couple of hundred riders divided into a short and a long ride set off on a beautiful sunny Saturday, without rain coats! What more can I say.
A truly beautiful ride leaving the show grounds, over hills (including Mt Mee) and through woods stopping for lunch at a beautiful property.

Not 10 minutes from the end of the long ride the heavens opened and launched hail stones at us. I have bruises to prove it.

Never the less, a memorable day.

Saturday night included dinner and live entertainment.

Kandanga 1000 2008 about 80 riders and slightly gloomy weather kept the numbers away I feel. This is a charity ride to raise funds and awareness about the proposed Traveston Crossing dam. We rode for a total of 4 hours and saw all the country that will go under water if the dam goes ahead, which includesa school and a cemetery, and some of the prettiest countryside. We lunched at the Kandanga memorial park, where a BBQ and drinks were available. A very enjoyable ride through some lovely pine forests and many ridges.
Mary gives Doug a leg up
Kin Kin Fundraiser 2008, 60 riders and a perfect crisp sunny day, a bit chilly to start off with!. Started and finished at the Kin KIn Oval behind the Country Life Pub, which used to be known as the Kin KIn pub, but has now been completely renovated, and looks terrific. Campers camped on the oval or stayed in the hotel. $85 twin share including breakfast. The food at the pub was great. The ride left after 8am with gold coin entry to the ride. Lunch was provided during the ride for $5 as a fundraiser. We rested and watered the horses while we lunched. .A very beautiful & enjoyable ride through woods, hills and trails, and a small section of road.
A band called Slowgun played Saturday night and they were excellent, and food was available for sale (Aussie BBQ or full menu)

Beaudesert Ride & 1000 hoof beats ride
On the Saturday we enjoyed a beautiful ride leaving from an Kooralbyn equestrian centre 20 min's outside of Beaudesert towards Rathdowney. We rode the crests of the hills and enjoyed a lunch with the most incredible cake selection I had ever seen. Congratulations on the cakes ladies, especially the chocolate cake.
We camped at the show grounds as there are stables to bed down in and the Rodeo, but had to be up at 5.30 am to get to the ride on time. Most other riders camped at the equestrian Centre.
On Sunday we joined the procession and rode down the main street of Beaudesert. This leaves the park (5 min's ride from the show grounds) at 10 am approximately. I would recommend having a very quiet horse for this one, as the floats can spook the horses.

Kin Kin Fundraiser 2006, 63 riders and a perfect day. 25 klms in length approx. Started and finished at Kin KIn Oval behind the Pub. Yards were provided for overnight campers, fee $5 p/p
2 bands played on the Saturday night, and food was available for sale (BBQ & Curry) Lunch was provided during the ride, and a place to rest and water the horses. A very enjoyable ride through woods, hills and trails, and some road.

Dayboro 07 A great day was had by all except the person who came off their horse and dislocated a shoulder. One horse lay down rider and all in the muddy dam, what a spectacle. (See below in the star)
The Great Kilkivan Horse ride 07 I think there were about 850 riders or more. A perfect day, lovely weather, starting off at 7.30 pm, though we had to wait for some guy who hadn't finished his breakfast! We did the Hanging Rock ride, some 25 klms to the Kilkivan show grounds via the ridge tops. In the evening we enjoyed live bands, and on Sunday there was camp drafting and a gymkhana for the kids.
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