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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in maintaining happy contented small herds of even tempered horses resulting in companionship, better health and less injuries. Horses are happier when they are not confined to small areas; their natural instinct is to roam allowing for natural exercise and foraging.
Horses are visited twice daily. We put as much emphasis on the mental well being of the horses in our care as we do their physical well being. We treat all horses equally with kindness and respect. We do not accept any dangerous horses, pregnant mares, stallions, rigs or colts, sorry.

Free services included

We work hard so you don't have to. Long-term horses are collected for free on the Sunshine Coast as long as they float well. Grooming is free. Minerals, salt and calcium fed daily included for free.

Free monthly email newsletter listing upcoming events with photos and updates about your horse/s.
Discounted qualified dentistry, worming and feet trimming if you prefer not to do this yourself. Fly veils taken on and off for free. Shetland and mini pony muzzles put on and taken off and yarding daily to keep weight down for free.

Purchasing horse feed on your horse’s behalf is also free, we have a weekly delivery and add the cost of your order to your account.  Advice is always free.


Horse feeding

Large paddocks allow for ample grazing, though most old horses require some hard feeding. Buying hard feed in bulk for our agistees ensures lower prices.

Buying hay direct from the growers ensures a supply of top quality hay at well below Sunshine Coast prices. We simply buy your choice of feeds.
We are very happy to advise a diet that would suit your horse.


Agistment costs and services

Our low agistment fee of $55 pw includes the following:- Free collection in the Sunshine Coast area. Twice daily inspection. Grooming and minerals (Mega Min) plus Calcium (Furneys Vet & Bone and Big Head Master) plus salt, combined with Copra & chaff daily or added to your horse's existing feed. Photo and news updates emailed every 4 weeks.

For a small extra fee we can also rug, feed, or be in attendance for vets, farrier's or dentists, and worm your horse, or give treatments. We can provide whatever level of care you desire.


For a full list of prices Read more >


We currently have 8 larger paddocks available spread over 100 acres, sized from 4 - 15 acres. We have smaller 2 acre paddocks for our herds of miniature ponies and Shetlands. We offer perfect retirement paddocks for older horses, and a safe environment for miniature ponies and Shetlands of all ages to control their weight.Read more & see photos>

We love our horses, and have over 27 years experience caring for them

For costs please download our contract or call Niki on 0402 806 939


Property in red see map
Queensland's lush horse retirement is situated in Pinbarren on the Sunshine Coast and is 30 min's from Noosa 45 min's Maroochydore, 30 min's to Nambour, 25 min's to Yandina, 13 min's from Cooroy and only 4 min's drive from Pomona.


See trail map

We have many beautiful safe trails and are located in the middle of the Noosa Trail network, maps available
Read more & see photos>

Horse Sitting Service

Are you having a holiday and would rather we came to you? If you live within a 20klm radius of Pinbarren we will drive to visit your horses daily if required.

We can feed, water, groom, and rug as necessary. We charge $40 per visit


Testimonials - there are many, but please read a few....or check our Facebook page and google preview for more reviews.

Hi Niki

Thankyou so much for all the love and care you have given Syd. It means the world to me. It has been a wonderful experience for me trusting you with my boy, so comforting to know he has been in the very best of care while I had been distant from him for the last 4 years. I really appreciate all you have done for Syd and I look forward to agisting him with you again when he is ready for his retirement.
I dont have social media at the moment but once I do I'll be sure to leave my 5 star view everywhere.

All the very best to you also. Courtney 29.11.21

Hi Niki

I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for Coco and Cowboy.You have gone above and beyond. I'm sure they will miss you.

Kind regards Hollie 26.1.21

Hi Niki

The photo arrived this morning, thank you so much, what a wonderful job you did of plaiting her mane and fastening it to the photo frame. It's absolutely beautiful. My girl has been put to rest, but in the most nuturing caring environment, surrounded by her friends.Thank you for everything you did for her in her final years of life.

Regards Karen 30.12.20

Hi Niki

Thank you so very much for looking after the minis so well and all your kindness and assistance over the years, really appreciated. xxx

Linda 14.12.20

Hi Niki

Thank you to you and Andy for all you have done for me and Boo. It was a little easier leaving her behind, knowing she was in such good care.

Thanks again, good luck and good health.

Sam 29.9.20

Hi Niki,

It was so great seeing Napoleon today, I honestly can't believe how well he is looking. He hardly looks a day older than when he came to you, who would guess he is 27!!

Thank you so much for all your excellent care of him. The paddock is lovely too and his girlfriend is very sweet!

Jo 2.2.19

Dear Niki,
Thanks so much for the kind things you have done for me over the years. First, picking up Prince when he first came to Queensland, and for the good care you took of him during the times he was with you. 
Then, facilitating an ideal rehome for my Connemara, Nova. And now, as I come to the end of an era (ponyless), thankyou for facilitating Prince and Toby’s move to their new home near you, in Pony Paradise.
All the very best,

Linda 22.7.18

Hi Niki

There aren’t enough superlatives to express my gratitude for the care you have given my horses over the years. As I’ve said before, I will be forever grateful that Karan discovered your lovely centre that turned out to be Anouska's and Khazhaahn’s home for so many years. No-one could have looked after them with so much individual care and attention as you and Andy.

I feel that you are in the best position to make the left over food decision. I am happy that it might help a good cause in some small way, and I also know that my horses on occasion received supplies from others, which helped me enormously. Whatever you think, Niki.

I love to think of his final resting place being in such a beautiful location on your property, which was his home for so long.

I wish you and Andy all the best for the future, and thank you again for everything you have done for me and my horses. I hope one day to visit you and express my thanks personally, and I shall certainly tell everybody about the uniquely wonderful horse heaven on earth that you provide for owners looking for a special home for equine members of their family.

Thanks so much.
Very best wishes
Sandy 30.6.17

Hi Niki,

So glad Pommy got to live out his final years there in your care and in the company of other horses. That was very important to me.

I really appreciate you taking care of Pommy's passing.

Have a great weekend.
Bree xxoo 22.4.16

Thanks, Niki - I really appreciate all the extra things you do. I am so grateful that Khazhaahn has such a wonderful retirement home.

Best wishes
Sandy 3.2.16

Hi Nikki
I just wanted to write a short note thanking you (and Andy) for looking after my horses Saam and Aaria so well. They were very happy, relaxed and healthy while in your care :-) Your knowledge and dedication were a life saver as Saam had mud fever and greasy heel when he came to you and you nursed him back to health.
It is hard being an "absent mum" but you looked after my horses like they were your own and for that I am extremely grateful.
All the best to you and Andy and if I am ever back at the Sunshine Coast needing Agistment I will definitely give you a call.

Judy 20.1.16

Hi Niki and Andy,

Thank you  for all your love and care of Dolce and Duchess , it gave me great peace of mind  knowing they were in such capable and knowledgeable hands, and I'm sure they appreciated all the attention they received during their stay! 

All the best to you both,

Lissa 14.10.15

Hi Niki

I agree Mister is looking great and relaxed.

I really appreciate the time you've given him as I feel it is the best he has looked while I have had him.   Now I just have to get him fitter!



Hi Niki,

Thank you so much for all your help over the last year. You have been wonderful and we will miss you. Like I said the only reason we moved is because of the distance having now moved.
All the best and good luck with everything Kristina xx 

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us & our beautiful horses. We have just arrived at the new paddock, both travelled really well & have settled in straight away. We will miss you guys heaps but can't wait to join you out in the trails for some new adventures. Lots of love Mair, Lisa, Sahara & Dougie xxxx

(Lisa was with us 5 years and Mair 2 years)

Hi Niki

Blue is looking Great! His coat is shiny and he is in good condition.  Thanks for worming & trimming his feet for me.  I cant tell you how grateful I am that you are taking good care of him for me.   We are still working away and the days at home never seem long enough. When I do get down to see him, he probably wont remember me, its been so long. Good to see you've had lots of rain.  We have water in the dam and some green grass, but not enough to get us through winter.  Anyway - best go now. Will see you soon I hope. In the meantime give Blue a hug for me thanks.

Kind Regards
Lyn 16.5.14


Once again thanks a million for taking care of Jack and a big one for moving him for me!!

I'll definately refer anyone I know looking for agistment to you!


Desiree 26.10.13


Hi Niki

We will come up and grab Eggi about lunch time saturday. Thank you so much for having her i will keep her on the mitavite breeder and the triple blend chaff I feed it now to my other horses and they are doing really well on it. If by chance we get stuck again would the old girl be able to come back to your place?

Thanks again
regards michelle 7.2.13

Hi Niki

I just wanted to say thank you once again for taking such great care of Khazaahn. I don't write every month - I run out of words to express my gratitude - but I appreciate the attention you give him. I am very glad he is with you and doing so well.

Many thanks

Sandy 4.2.13


Hi Nikki,
We have recently (18mths ago) moved to QLD from WA, BIG move and have settled in Boonah SEQ. I brought over 2 of my Morgan mares and my Morab . The morab and her yearling filly are suffering from QLD itch and I have just looked at your website
I wanted to just say a quick thank you for supplying such a website and look forward to trying out some of the remedies on your site.
Kind regards,
Christine Maroni
Dip Equine Bowen Therapy, Cert EBW-USA

Hi Niki

Thank you once again for taking such good care of Anouska - she was so very special, and she had the retirement I wanted for her in your kind and competent hands on your beautiful property. I could not have wished for more.

All the best Sandy 25.5.12

Niki, You have done a incredible job with the girls for which I am very grateful. 

Ted 27.4.12

Hi Niki,
First of all I would like to thank you for looking after "Amigo" so well for the time he was at your place! I'm sure he is already missing some of his long time friends.
He has settled in quite well with "Harry", and we are both already looking forward to meeting you out there on the trials.  
With the best wishes Louis 23.2.12

Hi Niki,  
Just wanted to thank you again for all you help and for taking such good care for Taariq...Open-mouth smile/
Regards, Ashley  25.1.12

Hey Niki,
I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had on the weekend.  It was the first time I have been able to respond to the 'how was your weekend' question with a genuinely positive answer in ages.  Thanks Niki.  Will definitely be coming up for more rides :)
Heather 23.11.11

Hi Niki,
Pommy looks great. Can't believe how shiny his coat is.... that's wonderful. I'm glad he has made friends and is in good hands. The monthly photos of Pommys progress are something I really look forward to. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Bree 2.6.11

Niki, The horses arrived safe and sound, they took absolutely no notice of me and just went off to eat! They all look great even Lenny. Thank you so much for looking after them. Best Wishes, Julie 13.3.11

Hi Niki,
Thanks for taking such good care of my horses, I couldn't have asked for a better person. Its very exciting to finally get Twilight down here, I can't wait to see her again. She is arriving here on Tuesday. Thanks again for the great care you have provided for my horses.
Kind Regards Lynette 3.3.11




Paddocks have clean dams, shade trees, wind breaks, improved pasture and electric fences.
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Perfect happy retirement for your horse.


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