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feed yards at Sunshine Coast Agistment
A misty morning, a new horse in the arrivals paddock.
Here he can chat with other horses over the fence to acquaint himself, plus learn that the electric fences really work.
Our paddocks have plenty of shade, safe electric fencing, lush grass, dams and range from 10 to 25 acres of grazing pasture. All horses are yarded and separated at feed time
view of one of our main paddocks The arena
This is currently a gelding only paddock 12 acre paddock with a safe dam to play in Arena is currently closed
Rugging or even full care is available Feeding is available. Horses are separated at feeding time
Sunshien Coast Agistment paddock 6
One of our 25 acre paddocks just after slashing. Plenty of green grass even mid winter, we've never had a frost! Plenty of shelter from the sun, rain and wind.
Relaxed horses
Waiting for Dinner in our 10 acre retirement paddock Yearlings enjoying a peaceful yearlinghood Companionship makes for happy horses
The spring fed dam The spring fed dam The spring fed dam in summer
This is currently the mares only paddock It has a spring fed dam and is 15 acres with flat and hilly areas to encourage exercise

The same paddock in summer. It has 7 separate feed yards

Horse holiday paddock shelter The round yard at Sunshine coast agistment Horse retirement paddock no2
The holiday paddock is for short stay horses and has a shelter and is 6 acres with a dam. Our round yard, perfect for exercising and lessons. One of our retirement paddocks.
happy grazing horses NIght fall at Sunshine Coast agistment Dawn at Sunshine Coast Agistment
Paddocks safely separated by electric fences horses relaxing after a long day of grazing at night fall Dawn and sleepy horses


At Sunshine Coast Agistment we offer unparalleled trail riding, and agistment.

All the horses have a close up inspection twice daily and have 24 hr supervision.

Our low agistment fee includes any level of care you desire, plus we supply at no extra charge daily to your horse a mineral, calcium and phosphorus mix in a chaff/copra mash or add to existing feed

Our paddocks offer excellent grazing and improved pasture, plenty of shade, fresh dam water and safe electric fences. Safe horse netting fences for miniatures.

Access to safe & stunning trails straight out the gate.

Please give us a call 0402 806 939 or email for further details agistment@awebsite.com.au

Location of our property below:

Map of Sunshine Coast Horse Agistment


Occasionally our agistees have horses they want to sell, so check out our notice board (Click for more info) This site is free for our agistees to advertise their horses or gear.

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