When purchasing a horse, we can show you all the ropes.

We are not dealers, but occasionally we will help one of our agistees to sell their horse by placing it on our website for free. We can also sometimes have agistees horses to lease , and this may suit you to help you decide if you really want to buy a horse.

To help you find the right horse, I will keep an eye out for what becomes available locally for sale, and place adverts at the pony clubs & saddlery shops for you, and check the internet statewide. I will supply you with a list of links to sale sites worth checking.

Horseland have a book filled with horses for sale locally that's worth browsing. I will supply you with a list of links to internet sites that sell horses. The Trading Post is also worth a look.

There is a set process that we recommend when buying a horse, to ensure that you get a good one, and we will walk you through this. We only have quiet safe horses on our property, and therefore it is in our interests to help you find one.

You should expect to pay upwards of $1000, generally at least $2000 is a good amount to start horse shopping with, but if you can afford more then you will probably see good results for your money.

I bought my horse for $2000 and he is a beauty,he was 7 yrs old when I bought him, 15.2 hh gelding, as quiet as a lamb, with a very soft mouth. Please let us advise you before you horse shopping, as we know how to help you avoid any pitfalls.

We can accompany you if the horse is local, if you would like us to. We can also supply you with the phone number of a horse experienced local vet for a pre purchase examination. We have free contracts you can use if you chose to, to help ensure your purchase and trial go smoothly. We strongly recommend purchasing on a 2-3 week trial basis. This ensures the sellers are genuine, and that the horse suits your needs. We can help you test out your horse during this period. We have prepared a contract you can offer to the seller to initiate a trial of their horse. Please tailor this to suit you. Also a list of Q's to ask the seller.

We have a library of information to help you get started, and a wealth of knowledge to get you on your way.

Come and have a cuppa with us and let us show you how easy it really is. Phone me on 075485 0766 or my mobile 0402 806 939 so send me an email

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