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At First Impression Makeovers we believe that when preparing a property for sale, maximum profit for the minimum outlay is the key to success. With this in mind our aim is to work with what you already have and to use it to its best advantage.

Spending 1% of your home's current value can result in up to 20% increase in profits. Our business is about helping you achieve this. Today’s buyer expects more than they used to, they have wider choice and are more discerning.

A well presented home means a faster sale and maximum profit. To achieve this your home needs to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the greatest number of people. We can work to any budget, sometimes all that is needed is a little elbow grease. We will keep within budget by using items you already have where ever possible.

Our initial consultation including a personalised detailed report is often all that you will need.


Felicity and Valerie are sisters who have shared the passion of interior design and practical landscaping, but always lived hundreds of kilometres apart. Five years ago they both moved to the Sunshine Coast and their talents have now been combined to create First Impression Makeovers.

They have both individually bought, renovated and successfully sold many properties between them. They have always kept to a tight budget to maximise their profits.

What started out 25 years ago as a profitable hobby has now expanded into an experienced partnership with professional qualifications and mutual passion. Best Impression Makeovers can now take their combined expertise and show you how to make the most of what your house has to offer. "Our advantage over the high end designers who charge thousands, is that we are real people with real experience of working within a tight budget." Felicity Tabletoff

To discuss your home's potential please call us on 0417 XXX XXX or 0417 XXX XXX or via email.

We really look forward to your call.
Best wishes Felicity & Valerie

First Impression Makeovers are experts in pre-sale preparation for your home to maximise its market sale ability. Interior exterior and landscaping within your budget.  Servicing the Northern Sunshine Coast, Maryborough and Gympie areas.
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